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A life filled with the legacy of preserving basic human dignity is a life proven to be more valuable than Silver or Gold……

A life built on serving a warm meal, a cup of strong coffee with a smile that comes with a listening ear is more valuable than Silver or Gold……

A life devoted to fighting the fight, not for self, but for those who have little or no fight left, is a life more valuable than Silver or Gold……

A legacy of the preservation of basic human dignity was a life lived by Mike and Carolyn O’Callaghan more valuable than Silver or Gold…… 
Carolyn and Mike O'Callaghan

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Preserving Basic Human Dignity, HeadsUp Guidance and Wellness Centers of Nevada are founded to fulfill the legacy of Governor Mike and First Lady Carolyn O’Callaghan, along with their dedicated colleagues, who share in their vision to enhance the mental health of Nevada citizens. The O’Callaghan’s were dedicated to the service of others especially those living in the margins of society.
As Governor of Nevada he was known as the people’s governor who always took time to hear the struggles of single mothers doing the best they could to raise their children in tough circumstance.  The first item on his agenda after being sworn in was to overhaul Nevada’s Welfare system leading to better service to mothers and children. He and Carolyn personally visited Nevada mental health facilities, youth centers and prisons to ensure those in the hands of the state were given proper care and their human dignity kept in tact.
During his eight years as Governor he established the Rural Clinics Mental Health Program bringing much needed mental health care to farthest reaches of rural Nevada. It was not uncommon for Mike and Carolyn to make sandwiches at the Governor’s Mansion and drop them off to homeless families living in the desert area near the Carson Hot Springs during the Governor’s lunch break and daily swim.
During the last 10 years of his life he spent early mornings before most people wake as a volunteer feeding the homeless and impoverished of Las Vegas at the Catholic Worker House. Often bringing extra pounds of coffee to ensure there would be plenty of hot strong coffee for those in need. During these mornings he would often encounter people in need of medical and mental health care, he would then get them care from one of his medical professional friends.
The O’Callaghan’s left an immeasurable legacy in everyone they encountered however, it didn’t end with their deaths. Each of the O’Callaghan’s five children in their own way carry on a piece of the legacy and are in engaged in public service and service to others. HeadsUp stands as one example.
At HeadsUP our multi-disciplinary team of clinicians includes Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Psychologists, Physicians and Physician’s Assistants with a particular specialty in psychosocial issues. We offer a community based health care system focused on the mental health needs of traditionally underserved populations. HeadsUP is a teaching facility that emphasizes wellness and education to assist the clients to make “informed choices” in their lives.